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Disk, CD-ROM Drivers

Looking for compatability? Check the Drive compatability database

Commercial CD-RW Products/Drivers:

  • Apple's Universal CD ROM Driver 5.3.1 (60 k)
  • This Apple CD-ROM driver was released with Mac OS 7.6 and it supports just about all CD-ROM drives.
  • Apple's Universal CD ROM Driver 5.3.2 (460 k)
  • Get this in addition to 5.3.1 above for the audio, iso 9660, High Sierra etc access files.

  • Apple Power CD driver v1.01 PowerCD for Sys 6 and 7. Also contains Quicktime 1.6.1 (516 k)
  • Apple driver for their Tape Backup 40sc (168 k)

  • Adaptec
  • Adaptec Toast CD driver 3.5.7 (1.4 MB, part of Toast 3.5.7 update)
  • A generic CD-ROM driver. Works with many drives.

  • Applied Engineering
  • AEHD+ v1.2 (78 k, 800k disk image)
  • Applied Engineering's driver for their High Density SCSI Floppy drive.

  • CD Technology
  • CDT Porta-Drive CD Driver 1.5.2 (841 k)
  • This is a CD Technology CD Porta-Drive 3400 Series Device Driver v1.5.2.
  • Its system requirements are 1MB memory, hard drive, System 4.2 and Finder 6.0 or later.
  • Actual driver is by Toshiba (1992) - may work with other Toshiba drives?

  • GCC Technology
  • HyperDrive Driver v3r2 (64 k) - Driver for the Original Mac HD!
  • Drive Manager v7.0 (160 k) - Driver for GCC Ultradrive. System 7.0 Compatible.

  • Iomega
  • Iomega Zip Package v4.2 (948 k)
  • Iomega Zip Driver v4.2 (48 k) Extension (alone) will work on a Mac+ up if installed manually into system.
  • Iomega Bernoulli Driver v3.53 (547 k)

  • Kennect
  • Kennect Rapport drivers (122 k)
  • Kennect Rapport 1.1 Drivers (old, with installer) and the newer 7.1 driver (possibly last version, no installer).
  • The Kennect Rapport is a small dongle like device that attaches to the floppy drive port of an early Mac
    (like Plus, SE, SE/30). Easily recognizable by the small size, the port underneath and blue screw knobs.
    The Kennect Rapport by itself and attached to a 800K floppy drive can read/write/init 720K PC disks,
    as well as an advanced 1.2 MB format.

    When used in conjunction with the Kennect 2.4 Drive it adds HD read/write/init capabilities to any Mac
    (including Plus/SE) as well as access to HD PC disks. It can also format HD to 2.4 MB in size. Probably
    the best thing is to be able to read HD disks on a non-HD Mac.

    La Cie
  • La Cie D2 CD driver v3.37 (1422 k)
  • This CD driver works with many older CD Drives including Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and many others.

  • NEC
  • NEC Speedycd v5.31a (1101 k)
  • Latest MAC driver v5.31a for NEC drives, as of 8/27/96.
  • This driver supports all macs running sys 6.08 up.

  • Peripheral Land Inc. (PLI)
  • PLI Quick SCSI 2.0 (206 k) - Driver for the PLI Quick SCSI-2 NUBUS card.
  • Infinity Drive and Turboware (652 k) - Drivers and utilities that came with a PLI SyQuest 44meg drive.
  • These should work with any SyQuest 44 meg and possibly 88 meg drive.

  • Pioneer
  • Pioneer CLD 3.05 (508 k) - Driver for their CD, CD-R, CD changer drives.
  • Also contains CLD 1.2 which supports the Apple CD 150 and CD SC Plus with 6.07
  • Pioneer CLD 4.03 (120 k)
  • Custom CLD 1.8 for Pioneer DRM-1804X (88 k)
  • OEM version of FWB CD-ROM Toolkit (712 k) - Works great with the Pioneer changers, even under Mac OS 9.1.
  • Further details about Pioneer CD, CD changer Drives/Drivers: Click here

  • Rodime
  • Rodime 2.03 (25 k) - Rodime's disk formatter and driver-installer.
  • This driver is capable of partitioning a Rodime disk into multiple volumes

  • Software Architects
  • Smart Format, Image, Restore (744 k)
  • Smart Format supports System 6 era Mac+ to MacIIfx. Smart Image & Restore are backup utilities.

  • Sunrise CD Driver
  • Sunrise CD Driver v2.2c (12 k)
  • A freeware generic SCSI CD-ROM driver for Mac OS with no support for Audio CDs.

  • SuperMac
  • Dataframe Manager v4.1e (96 k)
  • This utility is useful for anyone who owns a Supermac DataFrame hard drive. These external drives were actually old MFM drives connected to a SCSI converter board for use with the Macintosh. Manager is the only way to format, test, or change the SCSI ID of the drive (no switch-selectable SCSI ID on these!)

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