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Disk, CD-ROM Drivers

Looking for compatability? Check the Drive compatability database

Commercial CD-RW Products/Drivers:

  • Apple's Universal CD ROM Driver 5.3.1 (60 k)
  • This Apple CD-ROM driver was released with Mac OS 7.6 and it supports just about all CD-ROM drives.
  • Apple's Universal CD ROM Driver 5.3.2 (460 k)
  • Get this in addition to 5.3.1 above for the audio, iso 9660, High Sierra etc access files.
  • Resexcellence Apple CD/DVD driver Hack Modify the Apple CD/DVD driver to work with 3rd party drives

  • Apple Power CD driver v1.01 PowerCD for Sys 6 and 7. Also contains Quicktime 1.6.1 (516 k)
  • Apple driver for their Tape Backup 40sc (168 k)

  • Adaptec
  • Adaptec Toast CD driver 3.5.7 (1.4 MB, part of Toast 3.5.7 update)
  • A generic CD-ROM driver. Works with many drives.

  • Applied Engineering
  • AEHD+ v1.2 (78 k, 800k disk image)
  • Applied Engineering's driver for their High Density SCSI Floppy drive.

  • CD Technology
  • CDT Porta-Drive CD Driver 1.5.2 (841 k)
  • This is a CD Technology CD Porta-Drive 3400 Series Device Driver v1.5.2.
  • Its system requirements are 1MB memory, hard drive, System 4.2 and Finder 6.0 or later.
  • Actual driver is by Toshiba (1992) - may work with other Toshiba drives?

  • GCC Technology
  • HyperDrive Driver v3r2 (64 k) - Driver for the Original Mac HD!
  • Drive Manager v7.0 (160 k) - Driver for GCC Ultradrive. System 7.0 Compatible.

  • Iomega
  • Iomega Zip Package v4.2 (948 k)
  • Iomega Zip Driver v4.2 (48 k) Extension (alone) will work on a Mac+ up if installed manually into system.
  • Iomega Bernoulli Driver v3.53 (547 k)
  • Iomega Floptical Driver v4.0.4 (49 k) The Iomega Floptical SCSI disk drive reads and writes both 1.4MB 3.5 inch floppies (handy on 800 KB only Macs like the Mac Plus) and special 20 MB Floptical disks.

  • Kennect
  • Kennect Rapport drivers (122 k)
  • Kennect Rapport 1.1 Drivers (old, with installer) and the newer 7.1 driver (possibly last version, no installer).
  • The Kennect Rapport is a small dongle like device that attaches to the floppy drive port of an early Mac
    (like Plus, SE, SE/30). Easily recognizable by the small size, the port underneath and blue screw knobs.
    The Kennect Rapport by itself and attached to a 800K floppy drive can read/write/init 720K PC disks,
    as well as an advanced 1.2 MB format.

    When used in conjunction with the Kennect 2.4 Drive it adds HD read/write/init capabilities to any Mac
    (including Plus/SE) as well as access to HD PC disks. It can also format HD to 2.4 MB in size. Probably
    the best thing is to be able to read HD disks on a non-HD Mac.

  • NEC Speedycd v5.31a (1101 k)
  • Latest MAC driver v5.31a for NEC drives, as of 8/27/96.
  • This driver supports all macs running sys 6.08 up.

  • Old SCSI HD Utilities
  • Old SCSI HD Utilities (252 k) - For use with Apple and non-Apple SCSI devices.

  • Peripheral Land Inc. (PLI)
  • PLI Quick SCSI 2.0 (206 k) - Driver for the PLI Quick SCSI-2 NUBUS card.
  • Infinity Drive and Turboware (652 k) - Drivers and utilities that came with a PLI SyQuest 44meg drive.
  • These should work with any SyQuest 44 meg and possibly 88 meg drive.

  • Pioneer
  • Pioneer CLD 3.05 (508 k) - Driver for their CD, CD-R, CD changer drives.
  • Also contains CLD 1.2 which supports the Apple CD 150 and CD SC Plus with6.07
  • Pioneer CLD 4.03 (120 k)
  • Custom CLD 1.8 for Pioneer DRM-1804X (88 k)
  • OEM version of FWB CD-ROM Toolkit (712 k) - Works great with the Pioneer changers.
  • Further details about Pioneer CD, CD changer Drives/Drivers: Click here

  • Rodime
  • Rodime 2.03 (25 k) - Rodime's disk formatter and driver-installer.
  • This driver is capable of partitioning a Rodime disk into multiple volumes

  • Software Architects
  • Smart Format, Image, Restore (744 k)
  • Smart Format supports System 6 era Mac+ to MacIIfx. Smart Image & Restore are backup utilities.

  • Sunrise CD Driver
  • Sunrise CD Driver v2.2c (12 k)
  • A freeware generic SCSI CD-ROM driver for Mac OS with no support for Audio CDs.

  • SuperMac
  • Dataframe Manager v4.1e (96 k)
  • This utility is useful for anyone who owns a Supermac DataFrame hard drive. These external drives were actually old MFM drives connected to a SCSI converter board for use with the Macintosh. Manager is the only way to format, test, or change the SCSI ID of the drive (no switch-selectable SCSI ID on these!)

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