Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 13:09:50 +0000
From: Frank Brook <>

The Pioneer DRM-1804X:
It's an 18 CD triple-magazine Autochanger. I have got a Mac disk image of
a non-original floppy disk for the DRM-1804X that seems to work and
I can't find it elsewhere. I also have a couple of helpful links relating
to Pioneer CD autochangers in general that would be worth mentioning.

Mac support for the cd autochangers is typically poor. I've hunted high
and low for information at Pioneer (and other) sites around the world but
can only find some newer software that's supposed to be for the DRM-6324X
but it only partially works. This newer software comes from

Useful self-test instructions for Pioneer CD autochangers are at
which allow someone to check they work without connecting to a computer.

A good starting place is for Pioneer CD
autochangers in general.

The older software I have is a bit simple - it allows only one CD
'online' at any one time but does allow them to be changed one at a time.
Also, it doesn't work on (British) Mac OS 8.1 but seems OK on 7.5 which
suggests it stopped working somewhere between the two (my bet would be on
8.0). Although the old driver's disk didn't have the CD Remote audio
player the newer software's player (custom installed from the DRM-6324X
installer) seems to work except that it will not fast-forward within a
track - a tolerable problem!

MDM Archive of CD Autochanger Selftest

Self Test for Pioneer DRM-600, DRM-602X, DRM-604X, DRM-624X & DRM-1804X

Self Test for Pioneer CD-ROM DRIVES:

1. Eject all disc cartgidges from changer.
2. Power down the unit and disconnect the SCSI cable.
3. Set SCSI ID to 0.
4. Set selector switches on back of drive to the following:

DRM-600 Set SW 6 & 8 Up, all others Down

DRM-602X Set SW 3 & 4 Up, all others Down

DRM-604X Set SW 5 & 6 Up, all others Down

DRM-1804X Set SW 5 & 6 Up, all others Down

Note: This test will NOT work if there are less than six CD's in the cartridge. Make sure that they are loaded with label side facing down.

Also, the drive must be terminated.

5. Place the cartridge(s) in the unit and power on.

If the unit operates properly:

It will select one disc after another and:

On the DRM-600 the Audio light will flash.

On the DRM-602X the Magazine Locked light will flash.

On the DRM-604X the 4X light will flash.

On the DRM-1804X the Audio light will flash.

For the DRM-624X, follow steps 1 through 3.

DRM-624X Set SW 2, 3 & 4 Up, all others Down.

Place the cartridge in the DRM-624X, hold down the "Eject" and on the power. This must be done "simultaneously".

On the DRM-624X the busy light will flash.

When these lights flash, the unit is indicating that it has successfully read each disc's Table of Contents. After the sixth disc, the cartridge will eject.

If the unit is not functioning properly:

If the drive fails to perform Self Test successfully, check discs for scratches and dirt. Swap discs to see if problem follows disc. If so, the disc is not readable. If problem persists, re-check setup.

Should a failure occur contact Pioneer Electronic Service at: 800-872-4159.

They will refer you to the closest Authorized Service Center.