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 Windows 3.1x Software Download
Utilities, Extensions, Patches and Fixes, Multimedia Applications.
 Windows 3.1x Drivers
Drivers for newer hardware (e.g. VGA boards).
 Windows 3.1x Links
Links to other Windows 3.1x pages and downloads.
 Frequently Asked Questions
Before you write an e-mail, please look here first.
 Windows 3.1x Tips and Tricks
Hints for Customization and patching Windows 3.1x.
 Windows 3.11 and DVD - a summary
The strange adventures of a Windows 3.11 computer in the DVD world.
 Windows NT 3.1
A short summary and some links to the few remaining NT 3.1 sites.
 Calmira Screenshots
How Windows 3.1x can look like with Calmira.
Please leave your questions, hints and comments here (but please have a look at the FAQ and Tips pages before - often the answer to your question is already there).

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Still, there are a couple of Open Source and Freeware replacement, like e.g. FreeDos or GEM.